BNE Testimonials Facebook Graph API Token Generator

Creating a Facebook access token for your Facebook Page can be a tedious process. You can always do it manually as outlined in our support docs here. However, you can use the below tool to connect your Facebook account which will automatically create the necessary never expiring tokens to use with BNE Testimonials Pro.

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Privacy Policy

We do not collect any data on your usage of our Facebook App, nor do we have access to your account after it's done. Honestly, we don't care for it. This app simply allows us to take a 15+ step process and automate it for you.

Terms of Use

By logging into your Facebook account and connecting to the BNE Testimonials App, you agree to allow us, BNE Creative, to query the pages you are an administrator of to get their name, ID, and to create a Page Access Token. Once finished, this data will be shown to you and cannot be re-accessed with a new browser session. No data is saved, no cookie is stored, and no data can be accessed after you have finished or closed the browser window.

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